Hermann's Lodge Tacoma

The Hermann's Lodge Tacoma was the first German Lodge organized in the state of Washington in 1889.

The origin and history of the order of the Sons and Sisters of Hermann takes one back over 100 years. The German immigrants who came to the United States during the period from 1840 to 1848 were subject to a great deal of hatred, spite and even persecution. This was the case especially in the big cities where there was practically no protection. Several educated and capable men in New York met for the purpose of improving conditions concerning the immigrants, and they finally concluded that conditions only could be improved through the organization of some strong union of these Germans without regard to class distinction and in such a way a decided change for the better could be affected.

For this purpose they conceived the idea of forming a society to carry out their ideas. In memory of Hermann the "Cherusker" who in his time succeeded in uniting the Germans, when the Roman hordes tried to subject the people of Germany to their will and power, formed an organization to be known as the "Hermann's Söhne" or "Sons of Hermann".

For a distinctive badge of this order they chose the color black, red and gold. The society rapidly spread over the eastern and middle states. In the early years there have been Hermann's Lodges in Tacoma (1889), Seattle (1890), Bellingham, Everett, Spokane, Union Town, Walla Walla and Vancouver in Washington.

Over the years most of the lodges died, but the Tacoma Lodge almost fell to the same faith as the others, if it would not have been for the Tacoma Radio personality, Gisela Rasmussen-Johnson from Gisela's German Hour, who came to the rescue. At this time the Tacoma Lodge had dwindled to 15 members and Gisela rallied with another 16 war brides to give the Tacoma Lodge a bust and when she became president in 1981 the Lodge flowered and swelled to 130 members.

Over the years the Tacoma Hermann's Lodge prospered and carried that name proudly through the years. Their purpose is to meet and gather for the interest of keeping the German heritage alive, to help one and another to be friends and helpers amongst the Brothers and Sisters of the Lodge, and to keep our German language alive.

Our Lodge motto is:  Friendship, Love and Fidelity
We meet the second Sunday of each month 1:00pm
Fircrest Regency Apartments
1375 Regents Blvd.
Fircrest, WA 98466

For more information contact: Anneliese Ayson 253-537-5645



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